Best Contact Grills Of 2021

Contact Grills, also sometimes called “clamshells” because of their shape, are a favorite kitchen gadget of many chefs. Contact grills can be used to cook meat, sandwiches, and veggies and just about anything that’s a half-inch or less thick. Contact grills are often touted as electric grills for a variety of foods, from steak and burgers to sandwiches.

The George Foreman grill is one form of contact grill probably everyone has heard of, however, today there are many other types of these grills on the market.

Great Things About Contact Grills

The great thing a contact grill is that it offers the ability to cook food like steaks and sandwiches without ever having to flip it like you do on a stove top or grill. The folding design makes it ideal for cooking meat.

This locks in the natural juices, giving it a full flavor and taste, and also providing a high nutritional value. Not only can you cook meat and sandwiches, the contact grill can also grill veggies like bell peppers and asparagus.

Consumers and professionals alike love contact grills. After all, they can cook quickly without a lot of mess, and can guarantee even cooking on both sides.

Cooking Meat on a Contact Grill:

Cooking a steak or a slab or turkey on a contact grill is incredibly easy – just add your seasonings, a bit of oil if you choose, and flip it on. As you roast meat, there’s no need to flip it.

Both sides of your food are being cooked at the same temperature at the same time, so you don’t need to worry about it cooking thoroughly. While you can only roast a few items at a time, you’ll enjoy the portability of the contact grill as well. You can conveniently take it with you to any parties or on any trips.

While the most popular contact grill is meant for two people, nowadays, you can find other sizes as well. If you plan on solely cooking sandwiches, you may want to jump ahead to find information on the best Panini press instead.

Some contact grills have a floating hinge that adjusts for different thicknesses – for example, if you’re trying to cook a sandwich instead of a steak. Many models also create a grill-like pattern on your food, mimicking the style of a fire-cooked meal.

A contact grill is affordable and easy to use, but it may not always be fitted to make the perfect Panini sandwiches. If you prefer sandwiches to grilled food, then it may not be the right electric grill for you. You should instead look for an appliance that specially mentions Panini sandwiches.

Some grills will have special settings for making sandwiches, and often they’re equipped with instructions for making a grilled cheese sandwich.

Whenever you’re cooking on a contact grill, you’ll begin your cooking session by seasoning it with a bit cooking oil – preferably olive or avocado oil, which has proven to be heart-healthy as a fat. First make sure the surface is wiped clean, and make sure to make a habit of this.

A contact grill is easy to use and takes up less counter space than a microwave. The adjustable thermostat doesn’t typically have a temperature; it instead has a low, medium and a high setting on a dial. You will then wait for the green light to turn on, showing that it has reached the heat level you desire.

Cooking times on a contact grill range from just five minutes up to thirty minutes, depending on what you’re cooking and how thick the meal is. Make sure you always read the manual and have a clear understanding of food safety when it comes to temperatures, and don’t under cook the food.

Contact Grill #1:

George Foreman GGR50B

This new model of the George Foreman looks and acts like a charcoal grill, but it’s electric and can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can cook for up to 8 people on this particular grill. It’s on the best indoor grill list for its flexibility as well as its ability to simulate a charcoal grill.

Contact Grill #2:

Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Flavor/Searing Grill

It’s portable, so you can take it with you on a camping trip or at a tailgate party. Veggies and burger will come out just perfect with this allow you to take it with you on your travels, as well as guarantee that veggies and meat comes out right the first time.

Contact Grill #3:

Philips HD6371/94 Indoor Grill

It’s the only smokeless grill Philips offers, but it’s highly rated by owners.
With a six-minute heat time and a reputation for searing to perfection, it’s easy to understand why they decided they’ve already created the best indoor grill/griddle for cooking meat and veggies.

These indoor electric grills that I’ve written about above are meant especially for contact grill cooking, and so are these picks below. Each product will vary in terms of cooking sandwiches and other thick products, however, the quality of the food is why they are listed as the top picks, and I’m sure you’ll agree!

Contact Grill #4:

Hamilton Beach 25601 4-in-1 MultiGrill Plus

This is one of the best smokeless indoor grill that the contact grill genre has to offer. There’s a lot of space for both food and veggies, and it’s a perfect match for a dinner for two. You can do steak, slices of tomato, and other side dishes all in this one grill.

Contact Grill #5:

George Foreman GR0103B Jumbo Sized Grill

This contact grill can cook food all the way through quickly if it’s fresh, and it’s super easy to clean up afterwards. There’s a reason the George Foreman grill is so popular; with its contact top grill, it cooks up food in a tasty manner, and is versatile enough to throw both veggies and sandwiches on.

Are you getting ready to cook with your first contact grill? That’s great. Here are a few tips to help you get started straight away with cooking the best these grills have to offer. Don’t forget to check the other articles on this website for more tips.

Always make sure that the grill is clean and that you have lightly seasoned it with oil such as avocado or olive oil, which will help keep your meals heart healthy.

Don’t ever put the meat on the grill or griddle without first checking to make sure it has heated all the way.

Don’t open and close your grill to check on it, especially if you’re cooking sandwiches. You’ll interrupt cooking and break the “seal” on sandwiches and other goodies like samosas.

If you’re marinating indoors with a contact grill, let your food drain well before you throw it on the contact grill.

The fatter the meat, the lower the temperature setting. If you cook fatty meat at too high a temperature, the oil and fat can splash onto your counter top.

These are just a few tips for cooking with your contact grill. As you continue to explore using this appliance, you’ll probably become interested in learning about other indoor and outdoor grilling options. Please browse my other articles to learn more about the wonderful world of barbecue and grilling.

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